Dream Big

Dream Big

  • 01 September, 2022
  • Christen Simpkins

For our first blog we wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to dream big and to pursue those dreams with a passion.

My Hometown Baby was a dream for many years, we would take out pen and paper and draw designs, dream of colors and styles and for one reason or another we would put the dream aside.  Life happens, you get married, you buy a home, you start a new career, you have children, but true passions and dreams resurface time and time again and that is what happened to us.

Born and raised in the South definitely has played a role in our pursuit of creating a children's line.  Family in the South is a closeness I wish everyone could experience.  Cousins are best friends, Aunts and Uncles become second parents, and Grandparents become best friends.  One of our founders is the youngest of six, and the other is an only child.  Within a few weeks of both of us losing a parent the universe connected us.  We shared many similarities and started a baby boutique which was successful from the start.  Carrying many brands we started wishing this brand also had these features, or came in a newborn, or had a softer fabric so we began talking and realized we shared a dream, create our own line of clothing that included all the things we loved. 

We pulled out drawings, started searching for manufacturers, created lists of must haves and wants and began the arduous process of making our dreams a reality. We had no idea of just how hard it would be to start a children's line of clothing but we knew it was our destiny to fulfill the dream we had for years. We started with Southern Designs since this had initially been the dream and we started getting requests for other designs.  It's been well over a year since we began the process and as we type this newsletter our products are in route to us.  Months of getting samples, wanting to change this or that, waiting on new samples, putting samples through the tests, and making decisions on which designs to produce have all came together and the dream is now a reality.

We wanted to start our journey by encouraging everyone to pursue their dreams; yes it's hard work; yes you will have set back; but fulfilling a dream is an indescribable feeling.

We also want to thank each of you that have sent positive messages, shared our posts, gave input, and purchased our designs.  We look forward to the future and you in it!

A few of our pieces are named for our loved ones.  Robert and Gert's garden are named in honor after our parents we lost and who reminded us that life is precious so live your dreams. We encourage you to never lose sight of  your dreams and this is your encouragement to keep going and set your sights on the joy of fulfilling them. 

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