We are now accepting submissions for Brand Ambassador's (Brand Reps).  Please read the information below and if you are interested in applying fill out the form below.  Instructions for submission are at the bottom of this page.  Please read carefully and submit when you are ready.



A brand rep (short for ‘brand representative) is someone who represents our brand on Social Media Platforms(Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, Twitter, and more).  Brands choose a child based on the look they want to promote for certain kids in each age group; sorta like casting to be a model but it’s all done online  with mom or dad taking the photos. Once the model/brand rep has been selected, My Hometown Baby will provide our reps with one free item when you purchase 1 item at a substantial discount as well as a discount for other purchases in return for advertising in the form of quality photographs that are posted and shared amongst different followers.  We will also use the photos in our advertising, social media, and websites. 

It sounds easy and can be a lot of fun but it also involves work. Some children don’t like to be photographed, but lucky for you My Hometown Baby isn’t looking for posed shots of them smiling but rather candid shots of them being a kid in a daily routine and having fun.  We do need some shots to be light backgrounds; however, we love a candid shot too.

Information at a glance:

 • You must be able to produce good quality photos of your child from daily activities. Photos need to be clear, crisp, preferably in natural light outdoors or on a plain background. It helps if you enjoy taking photos of your children and they enjoy being photographed.  You should be mindful that there are no shadows or cell phones in the photos.

 • It helps to have a good number of followers on your Social Media account but it isn’t essential. Most brands  will take great photography and style over heaps of followers but it’s also important to remember that it is all about advertising and supporting the brand in return for the discount codes and free items, so the brand will be expecting you to be pro-active at growing your community which will benefit both parties.

 •We do require a minimum of two posts weekly.  We want genuine feedback; we've all seen posts in groups with the "overselling" of reps and that is not what we are looking for.  We've worked hard to produce a top quality product so we want you to speak honestly when posting. You must also

  • Post and tag your photos #myhometownbaby @myhometownbaby on your social channels
  • Share a unique code with your friends and followers
  • We require 1 post a week to our Facebook Page and 1 post a week to a Social Page.

•There's only 2 of us and thousands of you so PLEASE do not take it personally if your child is not selected right away. All children are beautiful, cute, fabulous and amazing! Unfortunately there are a limited number of spots available which rotate every 3-6 months. We would love to take on everyone who wants to participate but it's just not possible.  We invite you to apply each time we announce an opening and we will do our best to give everyone a chance.

The Perks!

In exchange for wearing and promoting our line you will receive a substantial discount off 1 item and we will also send 1 free item (You must pay shipping $5) initially and then one discount code per month for the duration of your contract. Contracts are for the duration of 3-6 months with the option to renew the contract after the term is up if both parties would like to continue.

When new items are released; we will have them available to brand reps first at a substantial discount.  

As well as the free item of clothing you will receive a discount on your purchases from My Hometown Baby for the duration of your contract and will be given a friends & family coupon code to share friends, family and people of your choosing. Every purchase that is made using those coupon codes gets you 5% of their purchase total towards a store credit to use towards your future purchases.  We calculate the discount code at the end of the term and will send you an email with your credit.

Sound good? Then just fill out the form below, hit submit, and we will be in touch!
We look forward to having you on our team! 
-CJ & Gail 


************Please send an email to hello@myhometownbaby.com with MY HOMETOWN BABY REP SEARCH in the Subject line.  In the body of the email please include the following:

Your Name and Email

Your Child's name and age

1 Good Photo of your child

Your social media accounts

Tell Us Why You would be interested in becoming a rep

We want to know about you as well; so include a short paragraph of anything you would like to tell us.

We will begin notifying everyone who will be in this Brand Ambassador around mid February.  Again, we hope you understand that as much as we would love to have hundreds of you in our program at once it just isn't possible but we encourage you to continue to apply each time we are open for submissions.


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