Comfort and style with Hometown Baby's Premium Bamboo Infant Gown – a delightful blend of Southern charm and unparalleled softness. Fold over hands and wooden buttons are a few of the many features of this great gown.

Dive into dreamland with a unique print featuring playful Southern fish set against a tranquil blue water background. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our infant gowns offer a luxurious experience for your little one's bedtime.

🌟 Premium Bamboo Comfort: Indulge your child in the unmatched softness of premium bamboo fabric. Known for its natural breathability and silky touch, bamboo ensures a gentle embrace, making bedtime a cozy and delightful experience. The fabric is not only incredibly soft but also hypoallergenic, making it perfect for your little one's sensitive skin.

🐟 Southern Fish Print: Transport your child to the charm of the Southern waters with our whimsical fish print. Adorable fish in vibrant hues dance across a serene blue water background, creating a visually captivating scene. The print captures the essence of Southern playfulness and aquatic wonder, making bedtime a delightful adventure.

34 Inches Long

95% Bamboo Viscose; 5% Spandex


Size :
You Get A Line, I'll Get A Pole Infant Knotted Gown
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