Our fabric is truly revolutionary and has many great features.  Thermaluxe bamboo fabric helps to regulate your little ones temperature; helping to keep them cool in Summer and warm in Winter.   It is incredibly  stretchy as well so your little ones will get great wear out of our clothing because it will stretch through multiple sizes.  We worked for years to develop our brand and fabrics and have fallen in love with the quality of bamboo viscose and we hope you will too!



Bamboo is wonderfully soft, but that means it must be handled with care!  Thankfully, we put our clothing through many tests and trials and here's our recommended care instructions:

How to take care of those delicate bamboo fabrics?

    • Garments, swaddles & blankets:
      • Machine wash inside out with like colors on gentle cold wash - make sure all the zips, buttons & snaps are closed and place with like colored items
      • Tumble dry low-you want to get moisture out of the garment
      •  lay flat to dry for optimal results- we suggest tumble dry for 15-20 minutes then lay flat to dry completely
      • You can use a color catcher to further prevent color bleeding BUT NEVER USE BLEACH
    • Accessories
      • Hand wash (do not scrub with a brush!)
      • Lay flat or hang to dry 
    • Things to avoid:
      • Do not let the fabric soak or stay wet for long. Once done gently washing immediately transfer to a dryer on tumble dry low for a few minutes to soak excess moisture before hanging to dry - this will prevent bleeds!
      • Bleach! Never use bleach on this delicate fabric
      • Washing with rough fabrics (such as towels) or other garments with zippers, hooks/buttons, or Velcro – anything that can snag the soft bambooPulling on the fabric to open snaps - always use your fingers on the snaps directly to open as pulling on the fabric will lead to tears

That's it! If you follow those instructions, you'll be all set!

If you have additional questions, feel free to email us anytime at

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